New Killer Instinct back stories unveil Fulgore


Today marks the close of the Season One cast back story updates for Killer Instinct. Much hype has been generated for the Season 2 stories when they drop in the New Year, presumably starting with the heavyweight champ!

Fulgore’s new story comes in the form of a dismantling field manual;

Retrieval of the cyborg brain from a partially destroyed unit bearing this unique serial number. For transportation to Ultratech Headquarters for repurposing [see Appendix E.7-9b: Repurposing].

This goes on to describe how you go about disarming the various defence mechanisms surrounding this piece of high-tech kit and how you remove the brain module. You can read more about the Fulgore Mark 03 unit over at Ultra-Combo.

As always, a good job at fleshing out the character by the people over at Ultra-Combo!

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