New Killer Instinct back stories unveils Kan-Ra

Killer Instinct Kan Ra

Ultra-Combo come back again with another updated backstory and this time it is for one of the most hated and raged against characters in the whole game, none other than the trap grappling sorcerer Kan-Ra. Learn how his travels and rivalries began in his newly extended back story.

Kan-Ra was a vizier in Babylonian times—an extremely handsome man with a powerful magnetism and ability to sway peoples’ minds. His hubris led him to orchestrate a conspiracy against his monarch that involved a wealthy noble, a general, a bandit, and himself. The King, much wiser than the conspirators, was well prepared for this betrayal. He used all the powers at his disposal and the darkest magicks he could conjure to curse each of the four, damning them with unique punishments.

The rest of Kan-Ra’s story can be read over at Ultra-Combo.

Check out this amazingly coordinated Kan-Ra player. F3 Sleep.

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