New Killer Instinct back stories unveils Omen

New Killer Instinct back stories unveils Omen


We are back again with a new Killer Instinct back story thanks to the people over at Ultra-Combo. Although he had no playable story mode when he launched in Season 2, Omen did appear briefly in other story lines. The Herald of Gargos is here and with a back story too!

Omen is a blue-hued demon—an Astral being created by the Shadow Lord known as Gargos. Proclaiming proudly to all that he is the “Herald of Gargos,” he serves his master obsequiously. Omen was formed from the very thoughts of his maker, for in the Astral Plane certain powerful creatures like Gargos—a member of a race of demigods called Ikkorans—can force reality to bend to their imaginings; and through sheer force of will create “living” beings.

The rest of Omen’s story can be read over at Ultra-Combo, It will be intresting to see if Omen will have a playable story line when Season 3 drops in March, what do you think?

Check out the player who won Evo 2015 and the Killer Instinct World Cup. He uses a range of characters and is pretty beastly with them all, even Omen. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Rico Suave.