New Killer Instinct back stories unveils Riptor

Killer Instinct - Riptor

Today you can go on a little journey of your own with the new Killer Instinct back story as you learn how to purchase, unbox and even take care of your newly purchased Riptor unit with this handy little guide.


Congratulations! You’ve bought yourself a Riptor Unit! Your adventure has just begun!

Ultratech doesn’t always look to the future to find the solutions to military development. Sometimes, we look to the past. So it was with the Riptor project. My mentor, the brilliant genetic engineer Dr. Erin Gupte, believed in a beautiful dream: a ruthless adaptable predator that could rely on its own victims for sustainment, and could maneuver and infiltrate areas where the Fulgore line would never be able to function. [UTM: Can we change the word “victims” to “rivals” or something less pejorative? It makes the Ripter units seem like bullies.]

you can enjoy the rest of this detailed Riptor guide over at Ultra-Combo.

Check out these great Riptors! Fiyah Liger and Paul B, who is one of the top Saberwulf mains but has a Riptor unit hidden away until needed.

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