New Overwatch Hero confirmed – Ana Amari

It was only seven days ago that I was writing about a gun blueprint that was published on Overwatch’s official twitter feed clarifying the rumours of a new character coming to the game. Well the rumours and speculations are now over and Blizzard Entertainment would like to introduce us to Ana Amari.

This Bounty Hunter and former founding member of Overwatch uses her expert skills as a marksman to affect heroes all over the battlefield. Armed with her Biotic Rifle and Grenades she can heal allies and damage or impair enemies. She also carries around a sidearm armed with tranquilizers to subdue hostile targets and Nano Boosts to give her comrades considerable increases in power. Used at the correct time she is a lethal and effective member of the team.

Ana doesnt come without her scars though and let’s just say she is not great friends with Windowmaker who had supposedly killed her during a hostage rescue mission. You can check out Ana’s full background story in the clip below.

Ana is currently in the Overwatch PTR (Public Test Realm) so expect her to be joining the cast of Heroes in the game soon. For further information on Ana or Overwatch in general check out the Official Website.

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