New Ultra Street Fighter IV Gameplay Mechanic Announced

Capcom’s Tomoaki Ayano has announced the latest gameplay mechanic to come in the upcoming Ultra Street Fighter IV. Besides the Red Focus and the Double Ultra mechanics, we now have delayed wake-ups. This completely flips the script and changes the way everyone will play, especially grapplers like Zangief and T. Hawk as well as vortex characters like Seth.

This is a roughly translated statement from Capcom’s Saikyo Blog .

“We also have a third new battle system — Delay Standing… For you to experience!

Delay Standing allows you to alter the timing of your wakeup, making your rise take a bit longer than usual. With this, you can increase your options against opponents with strong okizeme!”

Ultra Street Fighter IV is due out in Q1 of 2014 on the Xbox 360 as both a downloadable upgrade to Super Street Fighter IV, and a full retail release.


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