Nightmares from the Deep: The Cursed Heart review

No sooner do I finish Broken Sword, Nightmares from the Deep: The Cursed Heart arrives, sending me from point and click to a hidden object adventure. After releases on Steam and iOS, Nightmares from the Deep, developed by Artifex Mundi makes it way on to the Xbox One, there are puzzles aplenty and a mysterious story to be told.

You play as a museum owner who after discovering the remains of Captain Remington, a notorious pirate, from the depths of the ocean. After retiring some of his treasured items to him in preparation of putting him on display you inadvertently bring him back to life, he then kidnaps your daughter! As you progress through the story you discover more about Remington and why it’s your daughter he has taken.


Nightmares from the Deep is the first Hidden Object game on the Xbox One, most of the puzzles you will come across will require you to find all of the objects on a list, some of them are harder than others but if you play on the standard mode, there is a hint system that will help you along, when I say help you along, I mean you can literally complete the game by just using the hint system, it tells you where to look next, points out hidden items of you can’t help them and if you are really struggling you can skip nearly every puzzle and play a game of Mahjong Solitare instead, which is almost impossible not to beat as the game moves items around for you to help you along. There is a mode where the hint system doesn’t exist and if you actually want to play the game then that’s the one you should be playing it on.


Also, I never found the puzzles difficult, although some were more time consuming than I would have liked. On top of searching for hidden items, you need to complete some more interesting puzzles such as re-arranging blocks to complete a picture. Or follow a complicated diagram to create chemicals. Annoyingly the game insists that you keep going back to areas where you had already solved a puzzle, to complete a different one, which doesn’t really make sense and ruins the consistency of the game. As you beat each puzzle you’ll receive an item that can be added to your inventory and used to help you complete any objective.

The story itself isn’t actually too bad, but it’s let down by some shoddy voice acting and graphics that are a bit of a let down. I get the feeling the game is a straight port as the cut scenes are quite grainy but I imagine it looks better on a mobile or tablet.

If hidden puzzle adventures are your thing then you’ll have fun with this title, although the presentation isn’t really up to scratch for an Xbox One title, there is plenty to do with a story that keeps you from putting the game down. There is a free trial on the Xbox Store, so I’d advise you to try this out before paying for the full title.

Thanks to Atifex Mundi for their support

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