Of Xbox and Slots

The Xbox is one of the world’s premier gaming platforms. With so many different titles available on this machine, you have to wonder why no slot games have been released. In this article we ask what slots and casino software might look like on this mighty console.

When the internet was born, in a few short years casino gaming changed indefinitely. Systems like Sky’s set top box, which were amongst the first to bring real money gambling to the UK’s entertainment audience, opened up a whole new world of possibility. What would happen if the world of slot games descended onto the X-Box?

Slots are currently the number one gambling pastime on the web, with over 70% of all casino traffic herding itself towards these reels machines. With such a variety of mechanisms, bonuses, themes and graphics available is it any wonder they’re garnering all the attention? With so much interest circling these games we thought we’d look at some of the innovations and changes that might evolve from an Xbox slots interface.

New Systems

Slots games are becoming renowned for their innovation. In the last few years companies like NextGen, Thunderkick Games and Net Entertainment have used the arrival of web-technology to push the five reel format beyond anyone’s imagination. With the addition of the processing power and the graphical capabilities of the Xbox who knows where slots might go? The obvious money would state that 3D slots would be the first new creation of the industry, but what else could those clever bods behind games like Assassin’s Creed and Grand Theft Auto produce?

Machine Simulation

Online slots websites fail to give you that casino feeling. Even though some of the slots you’ll find at these internet portals are present on the Las Vegas gaming floor, such as Pixies of the Forest and Cleopatra, there is something lacking. With the computational power on offer from the Xbox, there is every chance developers could create a completely immersive playing environment. Players could walk around a virtual casino and chat to other players. This would also allow them to hang off the side of players who are on a hot streak, perhaps even bringing a community aspect to online gambling that’s only been present in internet Bingo up till now.


One of the innovations that casino palaces such as Sky Vegas have tried to push over the years is community slots. These involve players working together to get large bonus rewards and sharing in jackpots. As slot gaming is generally a very solitary pursuit to say this type of play has failed to ignite its audience’s interest would be somewhat of an understatement. However, could there be a chance with the huge network of players already connected to the Xbox network that slot games developed to encompass a community aspect could take off?

Multi-Level Progressive

When award winning Las Vegas developer WMS decided to make a leap into the UK casino market the result was a site named after their favourite high energy title – Super Jackpot Party. Unlike other online casinos, this site gave players a chance to hit one of five shared community jackpots, known as progressive jackpots through standard slot play. If a slot palace was successfully developed for the Xbox this would be able to offer players similar big money prizes across all the slots. This kind of casino bonus is very attractive as it hypes up the action on every single game.

The Final Word

Are we likely to see gambling on the Xbox anytime soon? Obviously one of the big barriers to an Xbox live slots or even a Poker service is the ban in the US on online casino activities. As this platform offers players games on a worldwide basis it might be a little difficult for the operators to simply choose the zones in which their products are available.  Nonetheless with the massive processing power available from this machine, surely it’s only a matter of time before the money men hone in on the existing playing network and interest in this platform and bring the ubiquitous world of slots to its audience.

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