Do You Like Gaming? Why You Should Consider Undertaking An Online Game Design Degree

Do You Like Gaming? Why You Should Consider Undertaking An Online Game Design Degree

Video games have garnered a negative reputation, especially among parents, because children tend to spend a lot of time in front of their TV or computer screens. However, this entertainment type is not all bad when done in moderation.

Moreover, it can even help artistically-inclined gamers prepare for their future profession. A lot of people have found that they can combine hobby and career by developing video games.

If your interest has been piqued, here are a few reasons why you should consider undertaking an online game design degree:

  1. Create the Game You’ve Always Wanted

As a gamer, there may be some aspects to your favorite video game that you feel needs to be improved. In becoming a designer, you create a product that embodies the things you want in a game.

You get to control all of its parts, from the difficulty of each level to how the characters look. By overseeing the different aspects of the game, you ensure that you end up with a product that fellow gamers will buy.

Who knows? You may even develop the next Grand Theft Auto, which has continued to do well to this day.

  1. Enhance Your Talents

If you’ve always been inclined to the arts and video games, as mentioned above, you can turn your passions into a career. Not only can you hone your drawing skills, but your imagination will also be challenged into coming up with new worlds that other players can enjoy.

These are some of the courses, which also enhances your artistic nature, that you can take in an online game design degree:

  • 3D Drawing and Graphics – Today’s video games use 3D imagery to evoke a realistic feel to the scenarios that players encounter. You have to master this technique if you plan to develop a high-quality game.
  • Basic Design and Color Theory – People’s responses to your game’s aesthetics are instantaneous and can make or break their perception of the end product. Learning the fundamentals of design and color theory equips you with the knowledge to create a groundbreaking game.
  • Digital Imaging – This aspect of game design involves the production of digital images. It encompasses the processing, compression, storing, and presentation of the visuals and is an integral factor in the field.
  • Game Development – You also have to study the process involved in creating a game. You start with the conception of the idea, then develop, program, record, and test it until you’re satisfied with the end product.
  1. Learn Programming

More than honing your artistic skills, online game design degrees also equips you with technical knowledge, particularly with programming. Video games take advantage of codes to execute the necessary tasks and actions that make them addictive.

The most used programming languages for game design are:

  • C++ – A majority of video games that you enjoy today are written using C++. The list includes Counter-Strike, World of Warcraft, and Doom III Engine. It’s a bit challenging to learn, but it gives you more control over the hardware and graphic processes of the game.
  • Java – One primary advantage of Java is that it’s a general-purpose language. Meaning, you can use it for any application.
  • HTML5 – This language is the go-to for web-based video games. It’s also best in delivering apps across several platforms.
  1. Land a Lucrative Job

According to, video game designers make an annual average of approximately 54,400 USD, making it a lucrative career path. Plus, you can even choose to freelance and work remotely, which saves you a considerable amount of time and money in the long-run.

  1. Grow with the Industry

Nowadays, video games come across various platforms. From different console systems to computers and smartphones, there are lots of opportunities for growth in the industry, especially with virtual and augmented reality.

  1. Work with Like-Minded People

When you merge your career and hobby, you get to collaborate and team up with fellow gamers who are as passionate as you when it comes to video games. This makes arriving in the office more fun and pleasant. Plus, being surrounded by creative people can give a significant boost and inspire you to keep doing your best.


Gamers, like you, will definitely enjoy working as a designer because you’ll finally get a chance to create the video game of your dreams. This opportunity allows you to enhance your artistic talents and learn the technical side of developing a game.

Not only will you land a lucrative job, but you also get to grow with the industry and work with like-minded people who are also passionate about gaming.