Original Call of Duty Dev’s – Respawn Entertainment Heading to E3 2013

Only image ever shown related to their new IP

Only image ever shown related to their new IP

We all know by now about that crap between ex Infinity Ward heads Jason West & Vince Zampella, which involved Activision in a massive court case – but now that is well and truly history it is time to start looking towards the future with the team who first created Call of Duty before they became Respawn Entertainment.

Still no confirmations as of yet to what exactly the team at Respawn are creating, but with the talent that first brought the worlds biggest console game to date to the masses, the expectations that their next IP can only be equally as awesome or better is an understatement.

This needs to be a AAA title to compete with their own history, so with confirmations that Respawn are attending E3 this year, more information must surely be about to come to light in the coming weeks.

A few years ago I had the opportunity to interview Jon Shiring around the same time he left Infinity Ward to work with Respawn Entertainment – you can read that in full via this link with some snippets below.

Since you first started as part of the development team on the Call of Duty franchise, did you ever imagine that it would be as huge a success as it is today – because with your work going into that process with the rest of the team it must feel quite an achievement?

Well, I didn’t imagine it would be as big as it is today. But I mean everyone on the team loved the games we made – so we didn’t expect it to be small, either. Just selling the number of copies that we’ve sold, hearing people talk about the games on late night talk shows, and hearing random people talk about the game when you walk around is really awesome. After CoD4 came out I was walking behind some young college guys who were looking at a girl and one of the guys said, “UAV is online.” I almost ruined their covert ops by laughing. That’s a great payoff for years of hard work!

I am extremely proud of the games I’ve worked on and how much of an impact they have had. We came up with our games ourselves and then executed our vision with very very little outside influence. And so we really felt like we’re the ones responsible for the success and that we can all be very proud of what we’ve done.

You posted on twitter, information that confirmed you are no longer employed with Infinity Ward, but what are your plans for the future – more programming for video games or are you considering a complete career change?

I’m definitely going to keep programming games. As I said earlier, it’s the only thing I’m interested in doing right now.

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