Original Xbox games could see the light of day again

original xbox

Way back at E3 was one of the biggest surprises to hit many Xbox fans, the implementation of backwards compatibility for 360 games and it being available that day for Xbox Preview members and everyone else for the official launch in November 2015. Earlier today on Phil Spencer’s Twitter we saw an exchange of messages relating to what else backwards compatibility could offer us.

original xbox phil

Backwards Compatibility will launch this November with a large roster of 360 titles at its disposal with more to follow in due course, while this is in no way a confirmation we can take away that it is at least being thought about by Phil Spencer and the Xbox Team. Hang on to those Original Xbox discs for a little while longer, Is there anything you would want to replay from the original Xbox days? I still have my Ninja Gaiden Black and Grand Theft Auto San Andreas ready to go!


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