Pixelbomb Games take us Beyond Flesh and Blood


Have you ever wondered what Earth would be like after a global war? Where we’d live and how we’d resolve our differences if space and resources were a limited thing?

Pixelbomb Games have taken the time to try to bring that nightmarish vision to life in their story-led third-person shooter, Beyond Flesh and Blood announced for Xbox One.

Earth has become a wasteland with most people now living in The Tree Of Life, an anchored orbital station on the edge of the atmosphere, governed by the U.G.R (United Global Remnant). Rogue scavengers still remain on the planet, surviving off the world as hostiles. To add insult to injury, a meteorite smashes into Earth and brings an unthinkable threat with it.

Take control of a U.G.R Tactical Combat Frame, battling through foreign enemies and humans foes and move through real life locations in Manchester to restore a series of signal uplinks.

The combat unit has the ability to manipulate gravity for short periods, allowing great leaps into the air, as well as a small arsenal of weaponry and the ability to remotely hack environmental security systems and rogue robotic weapons.

Beyond Flesh and Blood is tentatively scheduled for a 2016 Xbox One release.

Take a look at an an early gameplay trailer, below and tell us what you think.

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