Play Watch Dogs 2 for three

Still yet to get your hack on and join Dedsec’s misadventures in San Francisco? Did my glowing review not quite convince you? Surely you saw that Watch Dogs 2 picked up our Action/Adventure GOTY in the 12 days of TiXmas? No!… well I guess there’s no pleasing you, but Ubisoft may just have the tease to show you just why you need Watch Dogs 2 in your console.

Starting January 24, you can get three hours access to Ubisoft’s recreation of the San Francisco Bay Area – and that’s access to the full game – no penned off area or a portion of the storyline. You can play co-op, multiplayer or just immerse yourself in the campaign.

Naturally progress is saved so if you do pick up the full game, you can continue where you left off. So what are you waiting for? Get that date in your diary and get three hours fill of one of the best games of 2016.



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