Pumped BMX + review

We haven’t had a decent BMX game on the Xbox One, until now that is. Thanks to Curve Digital you can now get your hands on Pummped BMX +.

Originally built for mobile devices, the game has made it over to console and it’s a pretty successful port. The premise of the game is simple, to get your BMX across the different levels while performing tricks to fulfil different sets of challenges. The controls are pretty straightforward, holding down A will start you rider, timing the release of the button will give them a boost of air allowing you to pull off tricks using a combination of the bumpers and and right stick. Combining these tricks with grinds, manuals and wheelies will increase your multiplier. Timing is crucial, especially if you want to get anywhere in the game, lots of levels having higher areas reach in order to conplete the levels. Pressing A at the highest point of your jump will force the rider down giving you more momentum for the next jump.


What seems like a simple game had me hooked, a couple of hours had passed and I was playing away quite happily; it’s frustrating, but keeps making you come back much like trials did. With no multiplayer available, even local there will come a time when you won’t be as eager to go back to the game. Each level has a set of challenges across three difficulties and with 500 in total there is plenty to take on as a single player. Graphically the game has Rayman/Max: Curse of the brotherhood feel to it, it’s quite cartoony and brightly coloured, but most importantly it runs smoothly, you can also customise your riders outfits if you wish, although it has no affect on the game.. The music is pretty forgettable but clearly components the game. It’s also fun watching you character come undone, though he seems to be enjoying it all a bit too much, as he is constantly smiling!



Pumped BMX+ is entertaining enough, essentially though it’s a well made port (probably the best one so far) from mobile to console, Trials fans will enjoy the engineless experience as will players looking for a cheap, fun title. The lack of multiplayer isn’t a big problem but it is a shame there aren’t any leaderboards to give you bragging rights over your friends. Coming in at under £10 I’d ay you are getting value for money, but I can see how this game isn’t for everyone.

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