Puzzle Game of the Year

The year is coming to a close and so it’s time once again to take a look back at all the great games that have been released in 2015.

Every day up until the end of the year we’ll be revealing our top three games from a number of different categories, all the way up until the coveted Game of the Year reveal.

First up is Puzzle Game of the Year.

Third place – Broken Sword 5: The Serpent’s Curse

The Kickerstarter funded fifth title in the Broken Sword series returned fans to the point ‘n click adventures of George and Nico, with precisely the kind of visual enhancements you’d expect from a modern title.

Dave Moran said in his review:

it’s a great story that will see you travel the world.

And indeed this puzzle adventure title made a strong impression on us at TiX towers, so much so as to claim third place in out Puzzle Game of the Year award.

Check out the review here.


Second place – The Bridge

Like an M.C. Escher picture brought to life, The Bridge offers plenty of mind-bending puzzles in a topsy-turvy world.

Richard Berry described it in his review as:

 Devious, beautiful and creative, The Bridge is an absolute joy to play.

and sure enough its devious challenge and eye catching design came close to taking first place in this year’s puzzle category.

Check out the review here.


Puzzle Game of the Year – Pneuma: Breath of Life

Utterly gorgeous visuals and a deeply intriguing narrative make Pneuma: Breath of Life and breath of fresh air in the puzzler genre.

Phil described the visuals in his review as:

 …nothing short of phenomenal.

and goes on to say

By far the most surprising thing for me though, was the way the storyline develops into an existential questioning of the role of developer, gamer and character and deciding for yourself who controls who in the worlds that are created for our enjoyment.

Indeed it’s clever engrossing titles like this that deserve celebrating which is why we’re very  pleased to name Pneuma: Breath of Life our Puzzle Game of the Year.

Check out the review here.


Well that’s our first winner revealed. Be sure to check out the site again tomorrow to see the next category and its winner.

Honourable mentions go to QUBE, Magnetic Cage Closed, The Fall, Stand Point and Spy Chameleon, all of which were nominated by the TiX team but didn’t quite make the cut.

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