Puzzler Shift Quantum gets a release date of May 30th

In my review of EGX 2017 I mentioned a great little indie puzzle game called Shift Quantum, from Belgian developer Fishing Cactus. Shift Quantum is a cyber-noir puzzle platformer where you can shift black and white in order to invert the world and solve the puzzle. Its been in development for over a year and the alpha has been available through Steam but is now getting its full release on PC, PS4, Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch on May 30th here in the UK.

The developers also wanted to go one step further with Shift Quantum so they have given you the opportunity to design and build your own mind-tingling puzzles. Having a level editor open to the community was on top of the features list for Shift Quantum. The tool was created early in development, and the level designers even created everything you see and play in the game using it. All 117 levels!

Fishing Cactus have also revealed details about the soundtrack to Shift Quantum. Everything in Shift Quantum is about contrast; like a constant conflict between two parts. But what truly brings this feeling and atmosphere alive is the soundtrack, and to coincide with the theme of duality, we decided to work with two different music composers, Volkor X and Simon Felix in a very unique way. Each track was composed one after another in a form of ‘duel’ between the composers, so each track was embellished from the last.
The atmospheric, dystopian and cyberpunk-esc score will be available to purchase and download from the Steam and PlayStation Stores on May 30th when Shift Quantum is released; or you can pre-order the Cyber-Noire Edition exclusive to PS4 Europe, now, which includes the game, soundtrack and other goodies.”

Click here to pre-order the PS4 Cyber-Noire Edition.

Check out the official website for more information!

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