Rainbow Six Siege beta impressions – Terrorist Hunt

I absolutely loved Terrorist Hunt on Rainbow Six Vegas and I’d buy a copy of Siege if its Terrorist Hunt were just as good. While the beta version of Terrorist Hunt only offers a taste into the mode, with only Classic mode on offer, I’ve had so much fun with it that I’m happy to put my money where my mouth is and commit to Siege.

The enemies of Terrorist are the White Mask gang, highly skilled and devious soldiers, only too happy to lay traps and use cheap tactics to take you down – expect rooms crammed with razor wire, loaded with C4 and plenty of camping enemies waiting to rush you when you’re reloading or picking up fallen teammates.

You can tackle Terrorist Hunt with four other players, either via matchmaking or private ‘solo’ matches. Normal mode is far too easy for veterans of the series, and should instead be called ‘shooting fish in a barrel mode’. Hard stumps up the challenge but the real tactical and team masterminds should head into Realism mode – I’ll admit to struggling with this mode with just two other players – it’s certainly a mode for a full squad of friends!

Many an evening would fly past while I played Vegas’ Terrorist Hunt, and I’m super happy to report that Siege’s Terrorist Hunt has had the same effect – midnight came and went, on came 1am and before we knew it, the time was 4am – and that’s with only three maps, three difficulties and one mode!


The gameplay is similar to the PvP modes of Siege, except you are now up against more enemies than just five human adversaries – gunplay and tactics remain the same. Enemies aren’t daft and the bomber enemies sure do create panic in your team – there’s nothing worse than hearing the breathing apparatus of the heavily armoured and well equipped suicide bombers as they charge your position – running is futile – stand and fight or risk being blown across the map.

Luckily the full complement of Operators can be selected for Terrorist Hunt, so you aren’t entirely underequipped against the White Masks, and while there is no prep time, you can still send in a drone to scout the area. Sweeping each room and watching for any flanking from a greater number of enemies creates games of a different kind of tension from the PvP modes, and with additional modes promised in the full release, Terrorist Hunt will be me go to mode for Siege.

It’s tactical, feels awesome to play and so much fun – I’d certainly be happy buying Siege just for Terrorist Hunt!

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