Rainbow Six Siege brings four seasons of free content

Ubisoft have revealed their year one plans for Rainbow Six Siege’s DLC. The year will be split into quarters (go figure) and each ‘season’ will include a variety of free content – from maps to cosmetic items.


As you can see from the roadmap visual, there’s a good variety of content coming to Siege – The Witcher 3 had a great DLC plan too, and Ubisoft have easily stepped up to the DLC party, with Halo 5 also following a similar path – could this be the new trend for DLC? With so many awesome games coming thick and fast, one would hope that free DLC plans are what developers and publishers are now striving toward to get consumers to go with their game over a rival.

While maps and games modes for Siege will be immediately playable upon their release, weapons, operators and skins will need to be unlocked in a similar way to other ingame items – with earned renown points. This also isn’t the end of any paid plans for Siege, a “small number of premium skins” will be available to those who want to part with their pennies.

With Siege out at the beginning of December, we only need to wait a month before the first season kicks off… Operation Black Ice…


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