Rainbow Six Siege gets mid-season nerf

Ubisoft have unveiled some tweaks to various Rainbow Six Siege operators as part of the White Noise campaign.

The mid-season nerf, which includes various game and level bug fixes, addresses the deployable shield exploit and introduces a new animation icon for when a team mate is defusing the bomb – additionally – once the defuser is placed, the round timer is replaced by the defuser’s progress.

Operators at the centre of the nerf include Ela’s SMG clip size, which is being taken down from 50 to 40 bullets. Ash will see her R4-C’s damage output nerfed from 41 to 39, while more brutally, Twitch’s drone ammo is being stripped right down from 15 to 5, meaning those menacing drones will need to be far more choosey when picking targets. Oddly, Bandit is also being picked on, with one of his barbed wires being taken away leaving him with only two deployable wires.

Concussion effects across all operators will also receive a slight nerf. Movement will still be reduced, but sprinting will no longer be disabled – while this will impact all equipment with concussion effects, this nerf will mostly affect Ela and Zofia.


It’s not all doom and gloom, Lesion’s Gu mine refill timer is being reduced from 35 seconds down to 30 seconds and Capitao’s Para-308 is receiving a buff that will see a damage increase from 43 to 48 and a slight reduction in recoil.

Capitao right now is not attractive enough. His gadget suffers from a few issues that will need long-term solutions, but in the meantime, it’s clear that his main assault rifle is too weak.

The new patch is being deployed to the Technical Test Server on PC today, January 11, 2018.

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