Rainbow Six Siege grabs a free play weekend

It’s been a while since the TiX crew have took to Rainbow Six Siege – damn all those new games vying for our attention – but if you’ve yet to play Siege (Shame on you… SHAME!) then this weekend you should may a date with the operators of Rainbow Six Siege as the game is getting a free play weekend.

Running from November 16-19, players will have the opportunity to take the game for a spin with all content available (minus the fact you need to purchase additional operators with in-game credits).

The full game is also getting a whopping 50% off from November 16-27, so if you enjoy your time with the game, you really have no reason not to buy the full game.

Rainbow Six Siege continues to be supported by the team at Ubisoft, entering its fourth season of year 2, Operation White Noise will deploy onto test PC servers at the end of November and features a new map in a sky high observation tower above Seoul’s skyline in South Korea. The new content also includes three new operators.


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