Raptr walks away from consoles


Raptr the well-known and loved achievement and progress tracking website has announced that it’s no longer focusing support on consoles and will direct all of its attention to PC’s.

Up until the release of the Xbox One, Raptr was one of the main tools to track progress and achievements on the Xbox 360 and is used by a wide number of both PC and console players including myself. On the release of the Xbox One the ability to track progress on the new console stopped with frustrated users being told this was down to the changes that Xbox were implementing, constantly breaking their system, and the only option was to track progress manually.

Well today it seems that it’s finally all over as an email sent from Team Raptr clearly states PC’s are the way for them to go.

When Raptr started out, we offered Steam and XBL achievements and PSN trophy tracking, PC/Xbox 360 gameplay tracking, plus unified buddy lists and chat. As Raptr grew, we realized there was a big demand for features that improved the PC gaming experience, such as game optimizations, easy Twitch streaming, and lightweight video capture. But on the console side, you may have noticed some features stopped updating, as changes to Xbox Live and PSN would repeatedly break our system. We believe our mission is to make PC gaming fun and effortless, and therefore we’ve decided to focus our resources on PC gaming exclusively. We will retire all remaining console support in the near future. We’d like to thank console gamers for using Raptr, and we hope you’ll check out our PC gaming features and stick around!

However on a closing note they did mention that console owners could move to another service called Playfire that would track the progress of the new and old generation consoles.

As of yet I have had little chance to check this out fully so cannot comment on the suggested alternative, but as someone who likes to track all their progress will at some point dig a bit deeper. If however any of you have experience of Playfire I would love to hear your views and comments on their offering.

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