ReCore Collector’s Edition unboxing

Do you know what’s great about having a Man Cave? I finally have the space to display all the awesome Collector’s Editions I’ve bought over the years – want to know what’s not so good? The temptation to buy more and more editions to fill my room even further and the ReCore Collector’s Edition looks badass.

The figure is made by Triforce – a company renown for making excellent models – the downside is that the game retails at a mere £29.99 yet the Collector’s Edition is a whopping £149.99 – the good news is that this has now dropped to the far more reasonable price of £69.99 – and yes I have absolutely ordered this!

The edition’s centrepiece is the Joule and Mack statue, premium packaging, metal case, exclusive lithograph, and a Corebot alphabet decoder dial.

Here’s the GAME team unboxing that gorgeous figure:

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