Redout coming to ID@Xbox


34BigThings’ second ID@Xbox outing today is the rather fabulous and frankly Wipeout or F-Zero inspired Redout.

Redout is a low-poly, super-fast racing game set over 25 or more circuits on 5 separate world locations, and by world we mean off-planet. It will feature an XP and leveling system for ships and power-ups, 5 unique racing hoverships, power-up slots, additional turbocharge, shields, self-repair, advanced grip, slipstream enhancers and more.

There will be a time attack game mode, along with survival, speedrun, last man standing and a score based endurance mode. It will also support a local multiplayer for 4 gamers.

A true homage to the likes of Wipeout and F-Zero.

You might be wondering what a Redout is. It’s when a pilot or astronaut’s blood is forced to the head, resulting in a reddening in the field of vision. Who says gaming isn’t informative?

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