Relive that B-Movie vibe in Fortified


I remember, years ago, when all this was fields and the aliens came down and invaded on a weekly basis. In black and white. Fortified, from indie developer, Clapfoot, is looking to revive that 1950s B-Movie theme.

Fortified is a cross between a tower defence title and a third-person strategy shooter. Clapfoot have likened it to Orcs Must Die and Team Fortress 2.

Pre-orders have opened for Fortified, which is released on the 3rd of February, and the game promises to set you off as a fresh-faced recruit, looking to protect the city. You do this by building a network of defensive structures, commanding army units and pulling the trigger on the dangerous little green men attacking you. The game will feature online co-op multiplayer action too, to keep you on the edge of your seat and someone else’s.

You’ll be given an arsenal of Cold War era weapons and experimental alien technology to try and win this war. It’s up to you to place them in the best location to defeat the encroaching horde.

Will you be able to do it?

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