Remember Me – Review Round Up

Remember Me – Review Round Up

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Capcom and DONTNOD Entertainments newest cyberpunk IP ‘Remember Me’ has divided opinions across the web with a mixed bag of review scores, it seems the game is “marmite” where you’ll either love it or loathe it! Remember Me is now available at retail worldwide and whilst scored Remember Me 8.5/10 in our recent review, we’ve hand-picked some review links you might also want to check out before deciding upon your purchase.

ErrorNotFound – 5/5:

That’s really the main thing to remark upon with Remember Me: its consistency. It commits to its outrageous ideas, and that only becomes more clear the further you play. As you shape the world to your will through the alteration of memories, things begin to subtly change, and the battles you’ve won start to feel morally gray and unearned. The combat builds upon itself with remarkable precision and difficulty. The art style never ceases to impress, and makes simple traversal engaging. It’s as focused, ambitious, thought-provoking, and fresh as you’re bound to get from a AAA game in 2013.

GamingTrend – 93/100:

As the credits roll on this 11 hour journey, I’m pleasantly surprised to see such a great title come out of a brand new studio. The team at DONTNOD Entertainment have brought something unique to the table, giving us not only beautiful graphics and incredible sound, but also a new combat approach wrapped around a very engaging storyline. All eyes are focused on E3 2013 in just one week, but don’t let this game pass you by. This will be a title you’ll remember for a long time.

TheGamersub – 4.5/5:

In the end, Remember Me feels like it’ll become a cult hit that’s adored by those who have had the chance to play it – a little like Ninja Theorey’s Heavenly Sword or Enslaved: Journey to the West. Neo-Paris world and the events within it play out more like a move than a game, but the unique twist on combat could well seal the deal for some. Thankfully you’ll always be on the edge of your seat across the six to eight hours of gameplay on offer. If you have the chance to give it a go, then do so. If you don’t you’ll just be missing out on one of the last great title of this generation.

Xboxer360 – 87%:

Remember Me is a gorgeous looking game, the music is beautifully composed, its theme interesting and the story superb. I particularly enjoyed having the control over my combos and being able to pick what effects each successful blow would cause, it made a change from just mindless button bashing. The remix sequences were a high point and while the characters didn’t offer much depth, Nilin’s character was a standout performance, only a few notches from the excellent performance of Camilla Luddington’s Lara Croft.

ThisisXbox – 8.5/10:

Remember Me deserves success, although it is not by any means perfect – but it’s action packed lengthy campaign is an entertaining journey where remixing memories can change the world. As a brand new IP it may have a familiarity to its gameplay as per some other titles on the market, but its futuristic cyberpunk settings and stunning vision of 2084 allows the game to be something original in its own right complimented by its unique take on memory control, theft and combo combat action.

VE3TRO – 8.5/10:

DONTNOD’s first video-game is one that many will find it difficult to comprehend. Albeit not perfect by any means, Remember Me is a rough diamond in a sea of sequels and titles that look the same. It’s an unforgettable experience that will leave many thinking about it long after finishing the story.

The Koalition – 85%:

Remember Me is a solid and capable action game that takes place in a surprisingly vibrant, attractive and immersive world. The concept and setting are incredibly fresh, as well as the combat mechanics, which are all tied together by a great story and set of voice actors. Equal parts touching and exciting, Remember Me is a game you won’t soon forget.

The Arab Gamer – 8/10:

Remember Me’s dark future setting, gripping narrative, and intuitive combat–all blended with the central theme of memories–does enough to make it stand on its own two feet. If you’re thinking about picking a game up this summer up then you shouldn’t forget about giving this one a shot.

OnlySP – 7.5/10:

Remember Me is a complete sci-fi world in the guise of an eight to ten hour action adventure game. Such a wonderfully whole fiction world deserves to be spread, shared, explored. It’s a shame that the repetitive and mostly bland gameplay mechanics hold back what would otherwise be an outstanding science fiction experience.

Awesomegames – 6/10:

Remember Me is a promising new IP that has sadly gotten off to a rocky start. Every strength the game has is met with an equally irksome barrier that halts it from reaching its true potential, and potential is what Remember Me has tons of. One can only hope that this series gets the sequel and improvements it thoroughly deserves.

The Escapist – 3/5:

Remember Me doesn’t do anything outright terrible, but neither does it come together as something truly great either. An interesting big idea sci-fi setting can’t hold a whole game together; it needs to be coupled with equally interesting gameplay.

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