Rob Bangers

This episode of Rob’s Bangers is a little late this week due to some work issues, I won’t bother you with all that but let’s get stuck in with this week’s suggestions. I have a varied music taste and I am a firm believer that everyone should try anything twice, that goes for anything in life in general really. My taste goes full circle and I will always come back to the same genre at some point and that normally some of the hardest metal out there, as you’ll see from my selection.

This week’s Rob’s Bangers has been inspired by Decembers games with gold, Warhammers: End Times-Vermintide makes an appearance and if you liked the Left4Dead series then you’ll love this, purely because it’s essentially the same game but set in different times. Hull-based band Black Tongue released a song by the same name and it comes from their album The Unconquerable Dark, which by the way is a must in anyone’s library. The members of Black Tongue have tried their hand at various guises but this album is definitely something I would recommend to you. For the second track this week is also a hard brutal tune inspired by the second game GWG title which is Tell-Tales Back to the Future game, because of that I have chosen satan worshippers anthem Turn Back Time by Aqua, what? don’t judge me.

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