Robocraft Infinity Enhanced Edition gets a new trailer

Robocraft Infinity Enhanced Edition has had a new trailer released and more info on the game has been revealed on Xbox Wire.

Robocraft Infinity allows you to build robots block-by-block and face off against other players in their own custom build robots in multiplayer deathmatch and battle arena. Apparently, there is no limit to what you can build and take into battle, be it an animal, car, jet, tank, mech, dinosaur in a top hat or whatever takes your fancy.

Your build is important, a poor build will you see your creation beaten easily, the following tips will help:


  • Plan your build carefully – You don’t want to find out halfway through building you Robot that you can’t fit that giant Laser Leviathan between your secondary plasma weapons.
  • Mirror mode is your friend – Pressing the View button while in build mode will enable mirror mode in the center grid of the garage. Mirror mode is great for everything, from building up the body of your robot with cubes to placing guns down evenly on both sides of your robot. Pressing it a second time will move the mirror line into an even position, (for building even robots), and a third time will turn it off.
  • Stats-stats-stats – When in build mode keep an eye on the Robot info Panel. This will give you a great idea of how your robot will perform in battle. The Damage boost stats is determined by the CPU value of your robot, the health boost stat is determined by the number of actual health cubes and the speed boost is determined by your movement type or the number of thrusters on your robot.

There is still no release date, but we’ll be sure to let you know as soon as we do!


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