Rob’s Bangers

It’s been far too long since I’ve done a Rob’s Bangers post. I could post all my excuses here like the dog ate my homework etc but I won’t bother you with all that. Anyway, Here is this week’s choices from the TiX Spotify playlist.

The first choice is again a hark back to the 1990’s with Fluke. Atom Bom was yet another track featured on the legendary Wipeout 2097 soundtrack. When I look back at games like that and the soundtracks it brings on a sense of nostalgia, probably because I spent most of that era on another planet anyway. Can you think of a soundtrack to a game since that sparks such a sense of nostalgia and wanting to go back and relive that time again?… I’m struggling too. That unmistakable bass at the start of tune begs to be played as loud as possible when the narrative kicks in then fade to bring up a swell of beats and a drop that would make any self-respecting music fan nod their head, Atom Bomb has all the right ingredients to make any racing game an adrenaline-fuelled ride.

The second tune is a slight change of pace, anyone remember Dio? if not you had better google him and teach yourself some rock knowledge. Rock god Dio originally wrote this tune in 1983, that was like, in ancient times to some of you. GIven a new lease of life in 2006 by Killswitch Engage, Holy Diver featured on a Kerrang compilation album celebrating the history of Rock. Controversially I like the Killswitch Engage version just a little bit more so that makes the list. The reason I chose this tune was that it gives me a sense of epicness and goes perfectly with games such as the Witcher or even the new Monster Hunter, these games offer epic battles and adventure, creating the perfect scene for an awesome tune.

I promise it won’t be so long until the next Rob’s Bangers but until then keep gaming. If you have any suggestions on tunes then you can suggest them on any of our social media platforms or int he comments sections below.

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