Rob’s Bangers

Rob’s Bangers

Last week on Rob’s Bangers we looked at two tracks that were inspired by games that were really set in space. This week we are crashing back down to earth a little bit, the past week and the upcoming week see’s landing of the Xbox One X, Assasins Creed, Wolfenstien 2 and Call of duty WWII all landing causing a bit of hysteria umongst us all.

There is no better track to choose that pretty much sums how we are all feeling at the moment than Muse – Hysteria. This song brings a nice touch of melody along with riffs that beg to be played with your finest air guitar. The lyrics “I want it now, I want it now” fit perfectly as we all embark on the journey into a new gen of console.

The second track however brings us back to reality a little bit, with every sense of excitement and drama we need to take a step back and evaluate a little. Orbital – Belfast will do just that, set it off and just sit back breath in for 4 seconds and out for 5, and relax.

After a suggestion from yourselves this week I have added Breaking Benjamin and their Halo 2 anthem, Blow me Away. Perfect suggestion so keep them coming. For now though enjoy this weeks selection.

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