Rocket League Roadmap announces Cross-Platform Party Support

Psyonix have announced that Rocket League will get the long-awaited cross-platform party support in an update planned for July or August. There is no official confirmation on whether PS4 and Xbox gamers will be able to play together, but it will surely be based along the same structure as the current Rocket League cross-platform play. So, PC players can currently match up with Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbox One players, but the PS4 can’t be matched up with Xbox One or Nintendo Switch players.

This certainly sounds like a godsend for those of us who own a Switch and have to travel for work, meaning we can still take part in multiplayer nights whilst stuck in hotel rooms!

Psyonix have also announced the forthcoming ‘Fortnite-inspired” Rocket Pass which will give players the chance to unlock cosmetic goodies by levelling up with gameplay. According to Psyonix;

“You increase your tier by leveling up normally and you’ll unlock new, unique content as you go. Each Rocket Pass will last for a few months before it’s retired and a new pass will take its place with new content to unlock.

“The Rocket Pass has both free and premium tracks so everybody has something to work for. The free track contains new cosmetic items as well as decryptors and exclusive in-game titles, while the premium track will have a flat cost to unlock. You will be able to preview premium track content before you buy the unlock to access it.”

This sounds remarkable similar to the Fortnite Battlepass, and we will have to wait and see just if the pricing structure and content is value for money!

Please visit the Psyonix Rocket League website for all the details!

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