Rumour Has It A 1TB White Xbox One Available Fall 2014


Remember that sexy looking glossy white Xbox One console that was gifted to Microsoft Employees only last year leading up to the launch of the retail SKU Xbox One? Rumours on two other leading websites, NeoGaf and The verge according to their sources, claim that a white Xbox One console will be available in stores later this year!

Interestingly since the current Xbox One has a 500GB HDD, and with games and updates (as well as DLC content) being exceptionally resource heavy a newer console with a much larger HDD is very much needed and likely to be an “obvious” assumption later down the timeline for Xbox One. The HDD is non removable, so a fix or HDD add-on is required for almost every Day One and current retail Xbox One console which couldn’t really hold more than 12 retail games if they averaged 30-40GB each!

Both sites have revealed that a disc-free Xbox One console is in the works with a bluetooth adapter as well as a major dashboard update for the Xbox One to address many issues.

Should Microsoft release any official information, we’ll keep you posted.

Via NeoGAF and The Verge

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