Scale the Ziggurat on Xbox One


Milkstone Studios have been busy dusting in corners and herding rats into the darker recesses of the dungeon, all in readiness to reveal what many have considered to be the Indie game of 2014 on PC, Ziggurat, on Xbox One through the ID@Xbox program.

This dungeon-crawling first person shooter focuses more on the action than the multitude of magic you could level up to as you prove your worth and become a powerful wizard.

Big bosses, rooms crammed with traps and treasure await your hardy adventurer in the randomly generated Ziggurat. Every game is a new adventure.

The weapon system is simple, there’s no inventory to confuse you, with dozens of alchemic and magic weapons at your disposal. Destroy your enemies with magic staves or spellbooks, but watch your mana reserves, as this is your trade-off. The perk system is a similar exchange of firepower over health or mana. More speed for less health, faster mana regeneration for a slower ammo refill? These are your simple, direct choices.

Ziggurat will hit the Xbox One on the 20th of March, despite the trailer below suggesting it’s out now, will you dare venture inside?

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