Shadow Jago gets his move set

shadow jago killer instinct
Yesterday during Evo2015 Iron Galaxy went through some changes to expect for Shadow Jago (Shago), he will finally become his own character and receive his boss move set which is quite different to Jago’s while seemingly familiar. Shago will have an interesting combat trait called Shadow Surge, this enables you to spend a little bit of your Shadow meter to enhance a special attack with a second button press. Using the Shadow Surge while throwing a Shendokuken while on the floor will throw out a second fireball at an angle, you can now also throw out a horizontal air fireball!

shago 2 killer instinct
Dark Stalking Is Boss Shago’s Signature Divekick, using it normally will result in a bounce off on hit or block but adding surge to this move will hit repeatedly and land safely on block, with surge it can be used as an opener on hit and also as a linker.

shago 1 killer instinct
Shago is losing the Laser Sword and having his Wind Kick replaced by the Dark Slide, which will trigger with the same motion. It is a slide kick that you would have been hit by a lot while fighting the computer as Boss Shago, adding Surge to this will teleport you behind your opponent for a crossup but is unsafe.

Dark Fury is Shago’s uppercut move that hits multiple times but has no¬†horizontal momentum like Jago’s Tiger Fury, which will allow you to stop crossup attacks early, adding Surge to Dark Fury will teleport you back to the ground for a repeat attack.

Dark dashing lets you cover more distance than Jago’s dash but takes longer to get to there, during this motion he phases out and back in again making him briefly invulnerable and able to pass through enemies like Saberwulf or Chief Thunder in Instinct mode, you can also dash cancel with a throw, Dark Fury uppercut or Dark Stalking Divekick.

No word on what Shago’s Instinct mode will be yet, they are keeping that secret for a later reveal.

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