Shadow of Mordor Free Weekend with Nemesis Forge Update

Middle-Earth Shadow of Mordor was originally released in September 2014, and its sequel, Shadow of War will be released later this year. So, old news right? Wrong. This weekend (6th July to 9th July), Shadow of Mordor Game of the Year Edition is FREE on Xbox One. Not only that, but a new update has been released called Nemesis Forge. This update allows you to transfer your top orc nemesis and your most loyal orc follower from the original game to the sequel. Those Orcs will then join you in Shadow of War when it releases this October.

The Nemesis system was one of the most original gameplay systems to launch in recent years. As players of the original game will attest to, the Nemesis system procedurally generated orc enemies, with unique names and abilities unique to your game, and they rose and fell in power within their army. The Nemesis system will one again be a part of Shadow of War, this time with new features and your old foes!

And, even better news is that if you liked the original, or you try it this weekend and love it, then it is only £4.80 to buy currently. Yes, thats £4.80 for the Game Of The Year Edition! That’s about the price of a pint for a game that I played for about 60 hours!

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