Shag a Gamer Goes After GTA V Product Placement


Roughly this time last year we reported on the launch of Shag a Gamer, the online dating website encouraging others to just fuck each other silly probably with or without the control pad. Now, randy gamers who want to indulge their desires without taking their hands off their joysticks could have their prayers answered after the creators want to strike a six-figure deal with Rockstar Games for a placement in GTA V!

With the fifth edition of the multi-million dollar GTA franchise about to hit the shelves, is hoping to begin talks that will see Rockstar introduce an in-game version of their saucy site so horny GTA characters can get as much action as their human members.

Founder of Shag Gamer Tom Thurlow quotes: “We could see characters using an in-game version of the Shag a Gamer site to read profiles and even hook up with any horny ‘members’ that take their fancy…

“Shag a Gamer could be integrated into the plotline of GTA V too. We’ve been considering how it could be used as part of a blackmail storyline, where the main character poses as a female online, in order to trick a married drug boss into a raunchy liaison. ”

Grand Theft Auto V is due for launch on September 17th and is reputed to be Rockstar’s biggest and most ambitious game yet, focusing on three main protagonists; Trevor, Michael and Franklin, whose stories interconnect as they complete missions together.

Shag a Gamer is the flagship product offered by UK sister site Date a Gamer and offers geeks that are gagging for it, the chance to meet like-minded people so they can hang out, hook up and much more. So far, Shag a Gamer has attracted more than 200, 000 users worldwide.

Is this just the biggest load of shit you’ve read ever!!!

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