SMITE now in open Beta on Xbox One


After a successful Preview Program trial, God battle game SMITE has gone into full-on open Beta.

How can you get your hands on the free-to-play MOBA? It’s as simple as heading over to the Marketplace and choosing it, or heading to SMITE’s website here.

Who isn’t up for a little free-to-play God smiting? Have you already played SMITE on PC? Link your Xbox and PC account to get a free Zeus skin and all progress and achievements earned in the open beta will transfer to the official release when it happens later on in the summer.

You can also buy the SMITE Founder’s Pack through the marketplace to get access to every one of the 65 gods currently in the Xbox version and all future gods. You also get 400 gems, the exclusive Ares skin and the limited Ymir skin. This pack will be discontinued when the game fully launches in the summer.

Who’s getting this here lightning-bolt then, eh?

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