Sniper Elite: Deathstorm DLC out next week

The first lot of DLC for Sniper Elite 4 is set to be released next week and is titled Deathstorm.  The first part of the DLC is called Inception and it is the opening chapter and mission in the three-part campaign, playable from start to finish for 1-2 players. Set after the events of the main game, the first chapter takes players to the colder terrain of northern Italy, and a Nazi naval base recently targeted in a bombing run. With imposing scaffolding, a German destroyer and myriad Kriegsmarine soldiers to negotiate, Karl Fairburne must help finish what the bombing run started. But his primary mission concerns the secret Manhattan Project: To retrieve a critical, mysterious package codenamed Deathstorm…

Also arriving on the 21st of March is the Night Fighter expansion which includes three new weapons, night-time camo rifle skins for eight weapons and new male and female characters skins.  On the same day the FREE multiplayer mode, Elimination is available bringing with it a new map called Night Woods. As previously pledged by Rebellion, ALL additional multiplayer maps and modes for the game will be FREE.

So basically the 21st of March should be a national Sniper Elite 4 day so make sure you’ve booked the day off work.

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