Snoopy’s Grand Adventure review

If you have looking for games to by over the past few weeks you will have been spoilt for choice, Halo 5, Black Ops 3 and Assassins Creed Syndicate to name a few, if you looked closely though you will have seen a feisty beagle looking to hold his own.

Snoopy’s Grand Adventure is basically a very simple platformer,  with a loose tie-in to the upcoming movie. Charlie Brown and the rest of the Peanuts gang have gone off to play hide and seek, it’s Snoopy and Woodstock’s job to go and find them. It’s all very simplistic and worked a treat with my boys.


There are 6 different worlds with multiple levels in each, and your job is to guide snoopy around the level, collecting jelly beans, avoiding traps and jumping on enemies heads. Seasoned gamers won’t have any trouble with the game, although it’s still a nice challenge for the younger ones. As you progress through the game you can unlock extra outfits for Snoopy that give him extra abilities, at the start he can double jump and glide using his ears and eventually he is able to climb up vines and freeze enemies to help you reach higher sections.

As well as collecting the jelly beans, there are Woodstock’s Beagle Scout buddies to find. These are the most challenging aspect as some are quite hard to find but it shouldn’t add too much to your gameplay time. You’ll find yourself revisiting levels to pick up odd and ends that you may have missed first time round. It’s a shame that Woodstock’s involvement in the game is limited, a second player can join the game and help snoopy to parts of the level you struggle to get to on your own. While watching the youngsters play I noticed that they struggle with Woodstock, it was too easy for him to fly off screen and lose him completely before he suddenly respawns.


As with games aimed at children death is handled very well, Snoopy has three hearts keep hold of, if you do make a mistake and lose one you have a few seconds to claim it back, a bit like in Rayman, if you do lose them all the screen just fades to black and you are offered the chance to restart the level. The enemies are rarely difficult, you just need to be able to time your jumps to knock them out temporarily.

Visually the game looks great, vibrant colours and smooth animations combined with a pleasant soundtrack make for great experience. I haven’t seen my two lads as calm playing a game for months. The variation in locations is fairly predictable, there are jungles, mansions and even the moon to explore, thankfully it’s enough of a variation to keep the attention of the younger ones, later on in the game there is a fantastic level involving Snoopy’s dog house that is the go-to level in our house. Snoopy fans will will enjoy the audio of the game, from the Peanuts music to the sounds the characters make.

Snoopy’s Grand Adventures is aimed at children and does it’s job well, it’s not too difficult for little hands to play, but will do enough to challenge them. It’s a great game for introducing platforming before moving on to more difficult titles.

Thanks to Activision for their support.

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