The Solus Project reaches new heights

Teotl Studios along with Grip Digital have announced the next update to The Solus Project, The Highpoint Expansion. The third free update to come to the game, The Highpoint Expansion will allow players to venture ever deeper into the world of The Solus Project and begin to understand even more of what has happened on the planet.

This huge update will allow players to explore the new and very vertical Highpoint island, along with its accompanying massive cave level. You’ll come across acid lakes, dozens of strange flying orbs, new caves, a monstrous creature and finally the massive windmill. All this adds up to over three hours worth of additional story and gameplay. Alongside this expansion a huge patch is being released addressing known bugs and balancing dozens of existing features. Check out the official site for further information on this update.

The Highpoint Expansion will be available for free to Xbox One players tomorrow, 15th April.

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