Something for the weekend: Blast Processing

Rich couldn’t be bothered to write-up a short ‘Something For The Weekend’ piece this week. He claims to be too busy or something, I don’t know, I wasn’t really listening. I think he’s just lazy, lazy and foolish, for he has given me the reigns to this week’s feature mwahahahaha.

So with me in charge of picking something videogame related to entertain you this weekend, I’ve found a real treat. I searched far and wide, scouring my  collection of YouTube channels, and I think I’ve found something special, something amazing, something, in fact, I made a little while ago. I present to you Blast Processing.

Join Greg, Neale, Steve and Leena – NPCs who have become sentient – as they battle their way through a videogame themed world, run by the mysterious and all-powerful Players, some of whom want the NPC abominations dead.

Written and directed by the supremely handsome Greg Giddens – me – Blast Processing released as a web series in 2013, running into 2014, before a full cut version was released late 2014, which is what I offer for your viewing pleasure below. So enjoy, laugh, and cry for the next hour or so and don’t tell Rich or Dave about this shameless self promotion. Also, to all you mean commenters out there, bite your tongues. Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will hurt forever…

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