Stay rock steady with new Forza Horizon 2 DLC


The lastest in a line of Forza Horizon 2 DLC car packs has been released and features a host of new vehicles, all with a common theme running through it.

Up for your delectation this month is the Rockstar Energy Car Pack which features the following new cars to add to your ever-growing garage.

  • 2014 VW Beetle GRC – Foust, whose sponsors were Xbox and Forza during the 2014 GRC season, debuted this little number in the LA leg on the 2014 season, in August, and no dashboard flower was to be seen.
  • 2015 Subaru WRX STI – This, almost unbelievably, still has the EJ motor powering it. Hey, why fix something that isn’t broken.
  • 1996 BMW 850CSi – Packing a 5.6 Litre V12, you could see the pound notes literally falling out of the exhaust when one of these status-symbols of the ’90s boom grumbled by.
  • 2015 Jaguar XFR-S – The active diff in this modern-day Jag distributes the power evenly from the growling V8, if you don’t want to smoke the tires all day.
  • 1970 VW #1107 Desert Dingo Racing Stock Bug – What can you say about this vehicle, crazy enough to take on the Baja 1000 off-road race, as a 40-year old stock chassis model? Absolute torture on man and machine. They’ve yet to finish that particular race, maybe it’s time you could change that for them.

There is also a free vehicle for March, which is the Acura Integra Type-R, a Japanese, 8,600 rpm red-lining monster. Impressive from a mere 1.8 litre.

What was that common theme again? 4 tyres and bodywork I’m assuming.

The Forza Horizon 2 Rockstar Energy Car Pack is available now for £2.43 in the UK, but check your local Live store for regional pricing.

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