Super Ultra Dead Rising 3 Arcade Remix Hyper Edition EX Plus Alpha review


I’ve had a bit of mixed history with Dead Rising, I played lots of the first game despite the fact it took me a long while to get into it. When Dead Rising 2 came along I tired and failed to get into it at all. When Dead Rising 3 released on the Xbox One I decided to give it another chance, I’m enjoying it much more this time around, though thanks to all the other games I have it’s fallen down the list.

When Capcom announced Super Ultra Dead Rising 3 Arcade Remix Hyper Edition EX Plus Alpha (points for remembering that each time) during E3 I instantly thought of Far Cry Blood Dragon, the bright colours, the nostalgia, it looked like a lot of fun, and it is.

In fact I’d go a far to say this is my favourite DLC in a really long time, I’m struggling to remember the last DLC I bought that was this much fun. The game gives you the choice of four characters to play as, Chuck, Nick, Frank and Annie. They come with their own unique style of fighting and each have a special power up that can be earned by killing zombies. They also have outfits to unlock, that will change their fighting style completely, take Annie for example; in her normal outfit she fights at range with an assault rifle, but when she put on the Chun-Li outfit, she becomes a close quarters combat fighting machine, it’s great to see the characters mix up their styles, and keeps things interesting for the player.

There are Twenty missions in total, spread across four districts of increasing difficulty. Within each of the levels you’ll be set different tasks to complete within a certain amount of time. One minute you’ll be killing a certain number of zombies, before being asked to rescue characters stuck around the level. You only have a small amount of time to complete the objectives but it keeps things moving along at a good pace.

The game is set in the Dead Rising 3 world but it’s had a colourful makeover, beautiful blue skies, brightly coloured buildings and the characters have a cartoon like makeover done on them too. The zombies are much less of challenge on the DLC, they are more like obstacles that are in your way. You’ll come up against stronger boss like zombies that will prove a bit more of a challenge but you’ll soon brush them aside. You’ll collect coins along the way that will allow you to purchase the restoration of your life if you do manage to die, but the chance are you will only die when playing alone.


You’ll get through the DLC within a few hours but it’s a much more difficult task if you choose to go it alone. The game really excels once you introduce friends into the mix, not only is it a lot of fun, there is the added challenge of working together to get the highest rank possible as well as trying your best to be the top scorer in your team. You’ll spend lots of time going back to replay levels, to find all the little Easter eggs that Capcom have thrown in there.

Capcom have done a great job of tugging on the nostalgic strings of their fans, with references to all sorts of games from the their past. Some references are more obvious, like Annie’s outfit that allows her to dress up as Regina from Dino Crisis or billboards within the game advertising Mega Man. There is even a bonus level in which you need to smash up a car a la Street Fighter. If you are a fan of Capcom’s history this game will be right up your street, even if you don’t know too much of their history you’ll enjoy the whole package regardless.

As I said at the top of the review, this is the most fun I have had with a DLC in a long time, it does have it downsides; the fact that it’s so difficult if you play on your own and that it is quite short, it’s not a problem if you like replaying the levels over and over but some will find replaying the same areas over and over. For me though this isn’t a problem, at £7.99 it’s a well priced piece of DLC and most importantly a lot of fun.

Big thanks to XBOX for the review code.

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