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Scorpion Confirmed As Next Injustice: Gods Among Us DLC Character

Now we’ve known about this for quite some time. It was leaked about a month ago that the 4 DLC characters in the Injustice Season Pass would be Lobo, Batgirl, Zod, and Scorpion. Now, Lobo and Batgirl have come into fruition. So we’ve just been waiting on Zod and Scorpion.

Injustice: Gods Among Us Battle Arena Week 3 Discussed By Celebrities

For the past two weeks, the big wigs down at NetherRealm Studios have made dream match-ups with the cast of Injustice: Gods Among Us, and allowed all of their fans to vote on the winners. They then showcase the results of the polls in a weekly Battle Arena showdown that includes gameplay from the upcoming […]

Versus Cinematic Trailer Officially Reveals Lex Luthor For Injustice: Gods Among Us

NetherRealm Studios have just released a new versus cinematic trailer which confirms what we already knew, Lex Luthor will be a playable character.

Huge Injustice: Gods Among Us News Dump, Release Date, Collector’s Edition, Leaked Roster, Story

Well this is quite a post we have for you today. Ed Boon and the gang from NetherRealm Studios have clued the world in on a lot of news for the much anticipated Injustice: Gods Among Us, the DC Comics fighting game from the team behind Mortal Kombat.