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Bang Bang Racing Review

Bang Bang Racing is a game that’s sure to tweak the nostalgia lobes. Each generation of gamers seem to have a similar little gem stored away. For some they’ll travel back to the time of the Micro Machine and the joy of racing along a kitchen worktop or pool table or,  if you’re slightly older, […]

Bang Bang Racing’s Latest XBLA Trailer

Digital Reality’s latest trailer for Bang Bang Racing has been revealed today and showcases exactly how to take every advantage possible to leave your enemies in the dust as you race around in this top-down racing game set for the Xbox LIVE Arcade in the Summer.

Bang Bang Racing – Obstacles Multiplayer Gameplay Trailer

Digital Reality’s latest Xbox LIVE Arcade development, Bang Bang Racing, races onto the Xbox LIVE Arcade later this year – but for now, a new trailer showcasing the two camera modes along with the multiplayer options and all of the dangerous and varied objects and obstacles you’ll encounter.

Bang Bang Racing – New Car Classes and Trailer

Racing fans rejoice! Digital Reality has just unveiled some of the car classes and models that will be available in its upcoming arcade title, Bang Bang Racing, speeding onto the Xbox LIVE Arcade later this year.