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  • Worst Game of the Year

    Worst Game of the Year

    The year is coming to a close and so it’s time once again to take a look back at all the great games that have been released in 2015. Except for this category, where we shame the worst games we’ve played this year. It’s far less frequent than in previous console generations, but we still […]

  • Chivalry: Medieval Warfare review

    Chivalry: Medieval Warfare review

    2015 has been the year of the remaster, some have been brilliant, bringing back games that deserved to entertain Xbox One fans new and old. There have also been some remastered that really felt like cash-ins, unfortunately this is one of those games. Chivalry was originally released on the PC and got a fantastic reception […]

  • Activision brings Chivalry to Xbox One

    Activision brings Chivalry to Xbox One

    It hardly seems real that I reviewed Chivalry: Medieval Warfare on the Xbox 360 nearly a year ago. It’s fair to say that I wasn’t that impressed with it’s initial release. Having been picked up by Activision Publishing, Torn Banner have announced that Chivalry: Medieval Warfare will hit the Xbox One console on the 1st […]

  • Chivalry Medieval Warfare Review

    Chivalry Medieval Warfare Review

    In days of old, when knights were bold, you couldn’t get a tin of Brasso for love nor money. The smell of the oiled steel, the cries of the sick and dying and oppression of the local Baron landowners. Medieval times, eh? Chivalry Medieval Warfare then, is a hack and slash, first person, online multiplayer […]

  • Chivalry: Medieval Warfare comes to Xbox 360

    Chivalry: Medieval Warfare comes to Xbox 360

    Torn Banner & Mercenary Technology have finally published their previously Steam-only, online multiplayer hack and slash title Chivalry: Medieval Warfare through Activision on Xbox 360. This 12 player, online melee gives you an idea of the scale of Medieval slaughter like never before. First person, full of gore & guts, it will allow you to […]