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Dead Rising 4’s ‘true ending’ is paid DLC

There’s been a lot of controversy surrounding Dead Rising 4, with the voice actor changes and the removal of the limit being but two of them. However, the DLC Capcom announced prior to release sounded like a promising compromise, offering the time limit in a standalone DLC called Frank Rising. Unfortunately though, fans are once again […]

No campaign co-op in Dead Rising 4

The hotly anticipated forth entry in the Dead Rising series is due to release in a mere few weeks, and fans are giddy with excitement. However, that giddiness might take a bit of hit with news that you won’t be able to play through the story of Dead Rising 4 with a friend after all. […]

Dead Rising celebrates 10th Anniversary with remasters

Capcom have revealed that to celebrate Dead Rising’s 10th Anniversay, remastered version of the game will be released this September. All three titles will return to take advantage of the current gen hardware systems, bringing the hilarious horror up to 1080p at 60 fps. Each new version of the game will also include all of […]

Dead Rising 4 to be revealed at E3

Capcom Vancouver’s Twitter feed has been a buzz with Dead Rising promotional material for a couple of months now, showing off classic moments from the franchise as well as directing us towards the upcoming second live action instalment. However, it seems this buzz wasn’t just about nostalgia but also about getting us in the mood […]

Dead Rising: Watchtower released on We Are Colony

It’s that time of year again where monsters pretending to be children ring the door bell and threaten to brutally maim you and your family… or they want sweets, I don’t know. I lock door, turn off the lights and watch a scary or gruesome film, ignoring the outside world entirely. Well this year digital […]

Dead Rising: Watchtower review

Film adaptations of videogames seldom work. Whilst the film industry has finally cracked the comic book superhero genre, videogames still elude them. What doesn’t help is the fundamental differences each medium has with storytelling. Film is typically succinct with a philosophy of show don’t tell, meanwhile, videogames are longer paced affairs with a play don’t […]

Dead Rising 3: Chaos Rising DLC Out February 25

Great news fellow Dead Rising 3 fans – it has been announced via the medium of Twitter that the next part of the Untold Stories DLC is out tomorrow! February 25th 2014 as confirmed below: DR3's third add-on chapter, "Chaos Rising," releases tomorrow! Commemorate with some Bike Slicer wallpaper! pic.twitter.com/cH68aUAqjV — Dead Rising (@DeadRising) February […]

Dead Rising 3: Operation Broken Eagle DLC Review

The first chapter of the Dead Rising 3 Untold Stories downloadable content has now been released on the Xbox One Games Marketplace. For just £7.99 the update brings a few nifty extra Achievements, new weapons, a new combo vehicle, a new outfit – and a part of the single player campaign retold through the eyes […]

Dead Rising 3 Mystery 13GB Update Solved

If you had cast your eyes over the earlier post today for the mysterious Dead Rising 3 update weighing in at a whopping 13GB, the mystery has been solved. Capcom Vancouver has released a new title update today in advance of Dead Rising 3’s first DLC episode, ‘Operation Broken Eagle.’ The update introduces a host […]

Dead Rising 3 Has Mysterious 13GB Mandatory Update

Turn on your beautiful Xbox One this morning and fancy some zombie chomping action on Dead Rising 3 – then expect to wait a very long time (internet connection permitting) since the biggest update known to man (and Zombie) has dropped! Wow, a 13GB DR3 update? Holy… good thing I have 110mbps. — Mike Ybarra […]