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Gang Beasts coming to PS4 on December 12th

The hilarious multiplayer brawler Gang Beasts is finally here, and will be released on PS4 on December 12th. I have had the pleasure of playing this at many EGX’s over the years and have had lots of fun whilst doing so. It’s being released on the same day as PUBG comes out on the Xbox […]

Starbreeze Publishing to bring Psychonauts 2 to consoles

Psychonauts 2

It might not be coming to consoles until 2018, but Double Fine’s Psychonauts 2 has picked up a prestigious publishing deal with independent publishing firm, Starbreeze AB to bring the game to consoles & PC. Starbreeze will be the major investor in the project, which is also part-funded by Double Fine themselves, injecting a reported […]

Rhythm puzzler 140 coming to Xbox One

Double Fine, publisher of some smashing titles already on Xbox One, have recently announced a partnership with serial video game adapters, Abstraction Games, to bring Jeppe Carlsen’s 140 to Xbox One. This rhythm based puzzler will challenge anyone with, or without, any sense of timing in a quest to, well, we’re not quite sure what […]

Gaming Masterclass

Hey folks, welcome to what I hope is a new ongoing series of articles (I may come up with a better name down the line), where we go through some of the best levels, segments and great ideas that the Xbox has to offer and praise them for all they’re worth. Whether it’s a memorable […]

The Cave Review

On a dark and dreary night, the camera pans down from the musky purple backdrop to reveal seven protagonists.¬†Three of them are to be chosen by you to go on a series of wild and wacky adventures. Awaiting you after your choice is the cave. An unforgiving, soulless, abomination. Who tends to try and make […]