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The Horde rises in the next Gears 4 patch

Coming June 6, Gears of War 4 is getting its largest patch to date, Rise of the Horde, which includes a free 10 hour trial so you will have no excuse not to give it a go. The trial is available from June 9-15 and includes the entire first Act, full access to Horde and multiplayer, so […]

Gears of War 4 locked and loaded for October release

Gears of War 4’s release date has been revealed! Choosing to announce the news via Entertainment Weekly, The Coalition have also shown off the cover artwork for the next entry into the Gears series, which is set 25 years after Gears of War 3.   Gears of Wars 4 is revving up for a worldwide launch […]

Gears of War 4 beta revs up for April

Dust of those chainsaws, polish those Longshots and load the Gnashers – Gears of War 4’s beta will hit Xbox One in early April. The versus multiplayer beta will begin April 18 as waves of codes are sent to those that have played Gears of War: Ultimate Edition. From April 25 all Xbox Live gold members can […]

Backwards compatible Gears of War collection codes are being sent out

If you signed in to your Xbox One last night you may have been greeted by two messages from Xbox Live. The messages contained codes to download Xbox 360 backwards compatible digital versions of the Gears of War collection. The first message contained codes for Gears of War and Gears of War 2 and the second message, which […]

Gears of War gets a Xbox One special edition bundle

Coming this November to stores is the newly announced special edition Xbox One console bundled with Gears of War. The white console comes with a digital copy of Gears of War Ultimate Edition, Superstar Cole  multiplayer skin and early access to the Gears of War 4 beta when it rolls out next year. Purchasing the […]

New Holiday Xbox One bundle bargain

At the end of October comes a new 1TB Xbox One holiday bundle, armed with Gears of War Ultimate Edition, Ori and the Blind Forest and Rare Replay. Packing 1TB of storage and 30+ games this bundle only weighs in at $399 and is a absolute bargain if your getting ready to buy a Xbox […]

Gears of War Ultimate Edition review

Gears and Halo have a lot in common, and I don’t mean in terms of gameplay. Both titles made huge waves on the Xbox, which defined the console as something for shooter fans; they both garnered a huge fan base and even grabbed the limelight in the eSports scene. Halo has had its turn to […]

Gears of War Mad World trailer gets remastered

Remember the iconic Mad World trailer for Gears of War? It has been a long time since it launched, so I will forgive you if you don’t! How about you refresh your memory with this refreshed take on the trailer, featuring additional scenes and remastered goodness. Lock and load soldier because Gears will be with […]

Xbox kisses goodbye to the Call of Duty Championships

Back when several of us pointed to the possibility that Call of Duty would be switching allegiance to PlayStation, we were shunned – told we knew nothing and that this would never happen, mainly because of how deep-seeded the eSports scene was with Xbox and the Call of Duty Championships. Treyarch’s David Vonderhaar has now […]

Gears of War & Shadow Complex available on Xbox One later today

Major Nelson has revealed via Twitter that, Gears of War and Shadow Complex will be available as Backwards Compatibility titles on the Xbox One later today. You’ll need to be part of the Xbox Live Preview Program to have access to the Backwarda Compatibility feature as it isn’t officially released until the Autumn.