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Hyperdrive Massacre review

Hyperdrive Massacre offers a pick-up and play local multiplayer experience that’s ideal for relaxed fun with friends, yet has enough depth to entice you into mastering its mechanics for more competitive play. As such it’s easy to recommend if you’re in the mood for some 80s style multiplayer, although the restriction to local play is […]

Saddle up for a Hyperdrive Massacre

Imagine, if you’ll indulge me, playing a multiplayer, free-for-all Asteroids with your friends, only in space cars, with lasers. Got it? You’re playing 34BigThings’ Hyperdrive Massacre, which has also been announced at GDC via the ID@Xbox program. Touted as an ’80s arcade arena, you can take on your friends in a deathmatch, death race, team […]