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Starpoint Gemini 2 review

Space. The final frontier. Or so they say. We’ve seen the release of the legend that is Frontier: Dangerous in the last few months. Could Starpoint Gemini 2 hope to achieve what Braben’s space behemoth has already? Little Green Men Games’ first foray onto the Xbox One is a space-exploring, trading battler with an engaging […]

Starpoint Gemini 2 release date announced

It’s always the same, right? You sit around waiting for one space-shooter or RPG and several really good looking ones turn up at once. Publisher, Iceberg Interactive and developer, Little Green Man Games have finally got around to announcing the release date for their space-shooter come-RPG, Starpoint Gemini 2. Having already won the coveted PC […]

Post-apocalyptic wasteland Bonded comes to Xbox One

Dutch independent publisher, Iceberg Interactive, are bringing Arkavi Studios’ Bonded to Xbox One during Q4 of 2015. The 3D Sci-Fi adventure is set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland – a bold decision especially with Fallout 4 releasing in the same window. You play as Mira, a little girl looking for her parents in a world dominated by self-aware […]

Inside My Radio plays out on Xbox One

French developer, TurboDindon, along with Seaven Studio have teamed up with Iceberg Interactive to bring the LudumDare Jam award winning Inside My Radio to Xbox One. This rhythm-driven platform adventure pits you as a green LED, mysteriously trapped inside a dying boombox. Bring the music back alive to rescue the boombox and ultimately, yourself. Rhythmic […]